Thursday, September 11, 2008

Francesco Fareri - Arpeggios

This is the first instructional release of Francesco Fareri at CFH. It is a CD- ROM which includes an entire 40 minute digital video 'FRANCESCO FARERI-ARPEGGIOS' ; There are 48 accompanying video examples which are taken from the 'FRANCESCO FARERI-ARPEGGIOS' digital video, with three full compositions namely - 'SUSPENSION' , 'INTROSPECTIVE' and SECRETS and 2 solos performed by Fareri, with 20 audio samples;

The pdf file (47 page) contains the FRANCESCO FARERI - ARPEGGIOS lessons tab. As bonus , there are 4 columns and a solo extracted from Fareris personal website...all of thee are presented through a browser based interface which permits instant access to all CD - ROM features.

Includes a section on combining arpeggios with tapping, legato, string skipping techniques; three levels of arpeggio insanity and also a section on seven string ideas .


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