Tuesday, September 30, 2008

70s Funk & Disco Bass

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Brian Emmel - The art of slap for bass

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Paul Gilbert - Alligator Farm


Better Chords; Cut, Cut, Cut; Individually Twisted, Attitude Boy Will Overcome, Alligator Farm, 2 Become 1, Rosalinda Told me, Lancelot Link, Koto Girl, Let The Computer Decide, Dreamed Victoria, The Ballad of The Last Lions, Six Billion People, Whole Lotta Sonata.

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Jimmy Haslip's Melodic Bass Library

An indispensable book on scales and modes for the bass guitarist. The lessons contain diatonic,pentatonic, modal,diminished scales,whole tone and as well as modes of both the melodic minor and harmonic minor scales, Middle Eastern,Eastern, and variety of other exotic scales of Jimmy Haslip's own invention.

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Reading Contemporary Electric Bass Rhythms

Contemporary Electric Bass Rhythms are higly important to many people. They include long low sustained notes behind a singer, fast repetitive funk vamps, walking lines composed on the spot that shape the framework of a jazz soloist and much more. Just check this bas ebook out !

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Carlos Santana - Shaman

Santana boasts one of the longest Billboard[R] chart spans in the history of popular music -- well over 30 years! Featuring the hit single "The Game of Love" with Michelle Branch and a wide array of guest artists including Macy Gray, Musiq, Seal, Dido, and Placido Domingo, Santana's album "Shaman" has something for everyone. Our album matching folio includes 4 pages of CD art.

Titles are: Adouma, The game of Love, Nothing at All, You Are My Kind,Foo Foo, Amore (Sexo), Victory Is Won,America, Since Supernatural, Sideways, Why Don't You & I, Aye Aye Aye, Feels Like Fire, One of These Days, Hoy Es Adios, Novus.

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The REAL Book of Blues

Includes arrangements of over two hundred and twenty five great blues numbers. Each song consists of chord symbols, melody line and lyrics (wherever appropriate). Should be a treat for you blues lovers.Just dowload this guitar ebook and start playing !

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Blues You Can Use - Guitar Chords

A reference guide to blues, jazz, R&B, rock rhythm guitar, with hundreds of voicings,chord progressions, chord theory construction, exercises and much more. The Blues You Can Use Book Of Guitar Chords by John Ganapes is useful for the beginner level to advanced player level.

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Classic Guitar Construction

Classic Guitar Construction teaches you step- by-step how to construct a fine classic guitar. Although the info is scattered and the body is shown half scale, this guitar ebook contains complete plans. Sloane uses few power tools, explaining how to make and use the specialised jigs and tools you will need. The author describes choice of adhesives,wood selection, and finishing methods. The relatively low price makes this an easy choice for anyone wanting to study their construction or build classic guitars themselves .

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John Petrucci 's Wild Stringdom

Guitar World presents John Petrucci of Dream Theatre with his Wild Stringdom. Warner Bros Publications and Guitar World magazine have clubbed up to present an amazingly new series. In this guitar ebook Petrucci explains the patterns and techniques that have made Dream Theater the most amazing guitar band of this generation. Over 130 music examples are included. Solos are transcribed , and techniques are explained to help expand creativity, vocabulary and chord knowledge.

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Iron Maiden - Powerslave

This is a bass tablature ebook the album Powerslave by Iron Maiden. It contains 66 pages.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute


Warped, Deep Kick, Aeroplane, Pea One Big Mob, My Friends, Coffee Shop,One Hot Minute, Walkabout, Tearjerker, Shallow Be Thy Game, Falling Into Grace, Transcending.

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Metallica - And Justice for All


Blackened, One, And Justice For All, The Shortest Straw, The Frayed Ends Of Sanity, Harvester Of Sorrow, Dyers Eve, To Live Is To Die, Eye Of The Beholder.

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Rock 'n' Roll Rockscore

This book has band scores for the following songs :

Danny & The Juniors - At the hop, Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly, Gene Vincent - Be-bop-a-lula, Jerry Lee Lewis - Great balls of fire,Eddie Cochran - Summertime blues, Bill Haley and the Comets - Rock around the clock, Little Richard - Tutti Frutti
Buddy Holly & the Crickets - That'll be the day.

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Eric Clapton - From the Cradle


Blues Before Sunrise, Driftin' Blues, Blues Leave Me Alone, Five Long Years, Goin' Away Baby, How Long, Groaning the Blues, How Long Blues, I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man, I'm Tore Down, It Hurts Me Too, Reconsider Baby, Motherless Child, Sinner's Prayer, After Awhile,Someday, Third Degree, Standin' Around Crying .

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Testament - Practice What You Preach

Contains the Guitar Tablature and authentic transcriptions to all the songs from the album.

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Ozzy Osbourne - The Best of Ozzy Osbourne


Bark At The Moon,Crazy Babies, Black Sabbath, Goodbye To Romance, Crazy Train, Mama I'm Coming Home, No More Tears, Mr. Crowley,Shot In The Dark, Paranoid, I Don't Know, Flying High Again, War Pigs (Interpolating Luke's Wall), Suicide Solution.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Harmony - Fifth Edition


Scales and intervals, Harmonic progression, Triads,Harmonic rhythm, Tonality and modality, The harmonic structure of the phrase, Modulation, Harmonization og a given part, Chords of the sixth - the figured bass,The six-four chord, Nonharmonic tones, The dominant seventh chord, Cadences, The diminished seventh chord, Secondary dominants,The complete dominant ninth, Irregular resolutions, The incomplete major ninth, Nondominant harmony - seventh chords, The sequence,The raised supertonic and submediant

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Eric Johnson - Ah Via Musicom


Ah Via Musicom, Forty Mile Town, High Landrons, Desert Rose, Cliffs Of Dover, Nothing Can Keep Me From You, Righteous, East Wes, Steve's Boogie, Song For George, Trademark

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How to play jazz and improvise

Beginning and Intermediate level . Easy to comprehend. Inspiring for musicians who wish to explore jazz improvisation secrets.

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Queensryche - Empire


Best I Can, Jet City Woman, The Thin Link, Another Rainy Night (Without You), Della Brown, Empire, Silent Lucidity,Resistance, One And Only, On Heart, Last Time In Paris [remastered bonus], Anybody Listening?, Dirty Lil Secret [remastered bonus], Scarborough Fair [remastered bonus]

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ACDC - The Razors Edge

Thunderstruck,Moneytalks, Fire Your Guns, Mistress For Christmas, The Razors Edge, Are You Ready, Rock Your Heart Out, Shot Of Love, Got You By The Balls, If You Dare , Let's Make It, Goodbye And Good Riddance To Bad Luck.

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The Scorpions - Crazy World

All eleven songs from the hit album. Includes : Don't Believe Her,Wind Of Change, Send Me An Angel, Hit Between The Eyes, Tease Me, Please Me and more.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Metallica - Riff by Riff

Every killer riff from every song written and recorded by Metallica from Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, Kill 'em All, ...Metallica,And Justice for All . Includes commentary and notes for each . Tablature also included.

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The Kinks - Guitar Legends

This is a Guitar TAB songbook for voice and guitar performed by The Kinks .

Contents: You Really Got Me,Dedicated Follewer Of Fashion, Sunny Afternoon,Tired OF Waiting For You, Deadend Street, Waterloo Sunset, Days ,Autumn Almanac.

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Cream - Disraeli Gears

Includes: Blue Condition, Outside Woman Blues,Dance The Night Away, Strange Brew,Swlabr, Sunshine Of Your Love, Take It Back, Tales Of Brave Ulysses, World Of Pain ,We're Going Wrong.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joe Pass and Herb Ellis Jazz Duets

Contents: Bonnie,Some Of These Days, Jazz Waltz, Hot Stuff, G Blues, Ballad.

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Joe Satriani - 5 Of The Best For Guitar Vol 1


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Sepultura - Chaos A.D

Contents: Refuse/Resist, Slave New World, Territory, Kaiowas,Amen, Biotech Is Godzilla, Propaganda,We Who Are Not As Others,Clenched Fist,Nomad, Manifest.

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Sepultura - Arise

Contents: Arise,Desperate Cry, Dead Embryonic Cells, Murder, Altered State, Under Siege, Infected Voice, Meaningless Movements, Subtraction.

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Sepultura - Beneath the Remains

Contents: Inner Self,Beneath the Remains, Stronger Than Hate,Sarcastic Existence, Mass Hypnosis, Lobotomy, Slaves of Pain, Primitive Future,Hungry.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rock Lead Techniques

Nolan and Danny Gill present material from this Musicians Institute elective course.

This book covers: soloing concepts, picking technique, licks, scales, sweep picking, three-note-per-string scales,harmonics, string skipping and more. The CD includes ninety seven complete demo tracks.

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Allan Holdsworth - Just for the Curious

Based on the REH video of Allan Holdsworth . Allan discusses his unique approach to chords, scales and improvising.

Alan begins with a discussion of fifteen different scales. He shows his derivation of his extraordinary chord voicings from these fifteen scales.

Description in standard notation and tablature. Including 5 fully transcribed songs.

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Dream Theatre - Train of Thought

Full Transcriptions / Tablature of the following songs :

  • As I Am
  • Endles Sacrifice
  • This Dying Soul
  • Vacant
  • Honor Thy Father
  • In The Name Of God
  • Stream Of Consciousness
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Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn


  • Altitudes
  • Mabel's Fatal Fable
  • Perpetual Burn
  • Temple of the Absurd
  • Air
  • Dweller in the Cellar
  • Eleven Blue Egyptians
  • Opus Pocus
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The Best of Motor Head - Full BandScore

The Best of Motor Head - Full Band Score

Includes Guitar Tablature !

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Black Label Society - Selections [JAP]

Vocal/ Drums / Guitar / Bass


  • Down
  • Bored To Tears
  • T.A.Z
  • Born To Loose
  • The Beginning... At Last
  • World Of Trouble
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The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

  • Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
  • Fixing A Hole
  • A Day In The Life
  • Good Morning Good Morning
  • Getting Better
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • Lovely Rita
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  • When I'm Sixty-Four
  • Within You Without You
  • She's Leaving Home
  • With A Little Help From My Friends
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The Brian Setzer Orchestra

  • Jump, Jive An' Wail
  • The Dirty Boogie
  • Hoodoo Voodoo Doll
  • Let's Live It Up
  • This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof
  • Rumble In Brighton
  • Switchblade 327
  • Since I Don't Have You
  • Rock This Town
  • Sleepwalk
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amplitube Jimi Hendrix

  • Includes models of very rare and collectible vintage cabinets, stomp boxes and amp-heads.
  • The 1st authentic software recreation of Jimi Hendrix complete effects rig and guitar amp
  • Powered by AmpliTube 2 engine featuring techniques such as Dynamic Saturation Modeling to achieve accurate guitar amps and effects emulation.
  • A legendary sound that has influences on some of the greatest guitarists and has marked modern rock guitar evolution.
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GreenMachine Amp II v.1.01

GreenMachine Amp II is a Guitar Amplifier effect plugin which features American and British amp models.


  • Clearly arranged user interface.
  • Amp model: Tube 50, Tube100 and SolidState.
  • Preamp model: american and british style.
  • 5 Band graphic Eq with changeable range, bandwidth and output level.
  • 3 different Tone Stacks.
  • Speaker simulation: open/closed cabinet, backward reflection and Speaker simulation mix control.
  • 3 Band parametric post Eq.
  • 5 different VU Meter to check the most important values inside
  • Wah wah, Delay, Chorus, Reverb, Rotary/Vibrato effect.
  • Input source selector: Guitar, Bass and Bypass e.g. for synth’s or vocals.
  • MIDI control for most functions.
  • About 80 "ready to go" presets.
  • Noise reduction filter.
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VMC Play Guitar

Play Guitar is a highly interactive guitar tuition programme that is user friendly, easily installed, and filled with concise and informative lessons. It offers over 2400 sound recordings, 500 pages of detailed info and a 1260 chord dictionary - all at the click of a mouse.

Download PART 1
Download PART 2
Download PART 3
Download PART 4
Download PART 5

Romantic Pop Guitar

This book contains few traditional pieces and romantic pop songs, which are arranged for Classical guitaring with TABLATURE . Includes many hits !

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Introducing The Dorian Mode

Guitar Method Or Supplement. Book & CD includes. Contains 48 pages published by Alfred Publishing.

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Introducing The Mixolydian Mode

National Guitar Workshop. Guitar Method or Supplement. . Handy Guide Book. Includes 48 pages published by Alfred Publishing.

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Advanced Classical Studies for Six and Seven String Modern Electric Guitar

Advanced Classical Studies by Garret Smith for 6 and 7 String Modern Electric Guitar.

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Technique Development in Fourth for Jazz Improvisation

For the advanced player. Sixty pages of reading and exercises that will give a good understanding of the interval's uses and expand the musician's harmonic and melodic vocabulary.

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Guitar Rig 3.1 Portable Edition

Guitar Rig 3 is the ultimate all in one guitar and bass solution. All you need to do is simply connect your guitar to your PC via the enhanced Rig Kontrol 3 foot pedal and you're ready to go ! The on board studio quality soundcard routes the signal to your speakers, and the software gives you access to an large number of perfectly modelled mics, cssic ampsla, cabinets and effects - all arranged in a super simple drag and drop rack format. This is the perfect solution for professional live and studio setups.

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