Saturday, August 23, 2008

Borislav Mitic- Borislav Mitic

Borislav Mitic is the self-titled debut from a young Serbian guitarist who offers hard rock blended with classical and cultural musical influences ranging from Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven and Paganini to Indian, Celtic, Middle Eastern and Balkan. Mitic states, "My desire was to take the listener on a mystical guitar journey through the diverse world that I drew my inspiration from." The CD features Mitic's melodic, singing guitar style over ten wonderful, all instrumental tracks full of passion and emotion. Borislav Miticwill satisfy the enthusiast's craving for new neo-classical guitar.


1. Sky Rider
2. Chasing A Dream
3. Mystic (Part I)
4. Mystic (Part II)
5. Waltz Of Time
6. Celtic Legends (Part I)
7. Celtic Legends (Part II)
8. Ballade Pour Elle
9. Bird Dance1
0. Light Of 7 (Part I)
11. Light Of 7 Part II
12. Southern Wind
13. Fairytale's End



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